Take Stress out of office Pools

We live in a time where nobody wants any more stress, in any way, if they can help it. The pandemic was a mess, and as the world tries to step forward and put that in the past, one wonders what can be done to inspire the workplace? What is it that you can do as a member of your team, as a member of management, or as a team leader – what can you do to inspire your workers to know you have their back and to let them know it’s ok to have some fun? Office pools just might be the thing for you and your coworkers or subordinates.

  • First, let’s get one thing straight… You may or may not be in an office. If you normally work in an office, your office may be working from home, and there may not be any plans to regroup to the old office facility. Possibly, your office will continue to work from home, on a more permanent basis. You can still do an office pool. Just as if all of you and/or your workers were in the office. There is no reason to stop doping office pools because you are at home.
  • Office pools are a great way for workers to have some fun. You must keep the office motivated and it matters not where the workers are located. They could be working from an office in Hong Kong, or their home in Topeka. What matters is, are they enjoying what they do or is it a drudgery every day, is work horrible?
  • As a manager, supervisor, superior, or team lead, you have the ability and frankly, you have the responsibility to lift your coworkers and let them know they are appreciated. Let them know you need them and let them know they can have some fun.
  • We cannot overstate what a toll the pandemic took on the American worker. This was a big deal; it was a stressor. Don’t forget there was a great deal of sadness for many. COVID took a lot of lives, real people died. Loved ones, they died. People need a break and as a result – millions of people have quit their jobs and are not coming back. “The Great Resignation”.

People need a diversion and office pools are a great way to give them this relaxation and something to look forward to each week.

  • NO LONGER do you have to do the work and get yelled at by your boss for taking up time to do an office pool. You now have the best office pool software available to you at a low cost and huge convenience.
  • The office pool software does the work for you. What you need to do is fire up the device you choose to work on and click an app, then choose what pool you want to run, and start running it. You shoot an email to your fellow workers that will be involved or potentially involved, should they choose to participate.
  • The software organizes the pool and keeps up with the progress of the pool. No matter what kind of pool you would like to run, it could be the NFL, college football, the NBA, college basketball, MLB, NHL, golf, auto racing, tennis, rugby. There are so many sports that you can run an office pool with, and you can run multiple pools at once. The possibilities are endless.
  • The last thing you want to do is waste company resources. You could lose your job, and others could lose their jobs. Traditional office pools take up a lot of time, a lot of man-hours. Bosses tend to shy away from such a practice.

Get out of the old and into the new. Now you have a choice, and you can offer great office pools to your office or workplace. It matters not if you are on a fishing boat if you are a teacher, a nurse, a golf instructor, a painter, a hotel worker, a fast-food worker, or wherever you may work. What matters is this – are you and your coworkers or the ones that work for you – are you and they motivated, are they having fun? Get the best office pool software and make 2022 your best year ever.