Soccer Office Pools


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

Millions of people compete in office soccer pools annually. Let our soccer office pool software run your next Premier League, World Cup, Euros, UEFA Champions League or MLS betting pool.

We take the work out of running soccer office pools and make the entire process more automated.

There are soccer leagues and tournaments running year-round, making the sport great for active office pool managers looking to add additional excitement to watching soccer matches.

Whether you want to run a soccer betting pool at the office, pub or simply with a group of friends, our software will prevent pool managers and participants from making errors, while saving time.

So, which soccer office pool formats do we currently offer?

We have soccer survivor, bracket and pickem pools currently. Soccer squares pools aren’t viable due to the low-scoring nature of the sport. While there are certain custom soccer squares pool formats, they’re a small niche and we focus on the most popular soccer office pools.

Soccer Survivor Pools

The goal in a soccer survivor pool is to outlast the rest of the competition. We have survivor pools for the World Cup, plus multiple soccer leagues, including the Premier League and MLS.

The format varies slightly based on the league/tournament, but is essentially the same.


Here’s how our World Cup survivor pools work:

  • Daily Pick: Participants select one team to win each day during the group stage.
  • Eliminations: Players are eliminated after they lose a daily pick.
  • Winner: The last player standing will win the pool (group stage matches only).

Make sure you have a tiebreaker in case there’s a tie at the end of the group stage.

Our most popular soccer survivor pool format is the Premier League. You can run your annual EPL survivor pool using our software to save on time and avoid problematic pick sheets.

In the Premier League, 20 teams play 38 matches every season. That means with Premier League survivor pools, participants are allowed to select every team twice during the season.

Here’s how our Premier League survivor pools work:

  • Matchweek Pick: Each matchweek, pool participants select one team to win.
  • Eliminations: Typically once a player loses, they’re out, but you can add mulligans.
  • Winner: The goal is to be the last survivor (Winner is declared once one player is left).

We allow pool managers to run soccer survivor pools for multiple leagues, with more leagues/events added regularly. If you have an idea for a soccer survivor pool we don’t offer, simply contact us.

Soccer Pickem Pools

Our soccer pickem pools are extremely popular because we cover multiple leagues/tournaments.

Run a soccer pickem pool for the World Cup, Euros, Champions League, Premier League or MLS. We make the process more automated and streamlined with our state-of-the-art soccer pools software.

Pool managers have multiple options when it comes to running a pickem pool with us. We offer the ability to customize the rules (IE: How many matches each participant needs to pick each week).

Here’s how our traditional MLS pickem pool works:

  • Weekly Picks: Players predict every MLS match each week.
  • Scoring: Each correct prediction is worth a single point.
  • Standings: The standings are updated every week.
  • Winner: The player that accumulates the most points wins at the end of the MLS season.

As mentioned, you can customize your pool how you see fit. Some of the options include being able to limit how many matches each player needs to predict every week. Another fun setting is to add a bonus point on winning draw predictions (predicting a draw correctly rewards two points).

The rules for other leagues/tournaments are the exact same.

World Cup Soccer Pools

We have special UEFA Euros and World Cup betting pools available using our software.

These pools are a mix of ranking teams (group stage) and filling in a bracket (knockout stage). The group stage element is optional, allowing you to simply run a World Cup bracket pool if you prefer.

Here’s how this format works:

  • Group Stage: Players predict what position each team will finish (#1-#4) during group stage.
  • Knockout Stage: Players fill-in a bracket predicting the winners of the knockout stage.
  • Scoring: Point values are completely customizable for both stages.

A standard World Cup pool will reward one point per team for correctly predicting the finishing position (group stage) and then a progressive scoring system is used for the knockout stage.

Soccer Bracket Pools

We just discussed World Cup and Euros bracket pools, but we also have MLS playoffs bracket pools.

Pool managers can set-up an MLS playoffs office pool in minutes using our software. The goal is to predict the winner of every match during the playoffs. A progressive scoring system is used, which means more points are rewarded for correctly predicting later rounds during the MLS playoffs.

The majority of soccer leagues don’t have a playoffs system, so soccer bracket pools won’t work, but that’s not the case with America’s biggest soccer league (MLS).

Our software also offers the ability to run Women’s World Cup bracket pools.

Managing a Soccer Office Pool Using Software

Make your life easier as a pool host. The pool host never gets the credit they deserve. It takes a lot of time and commitment to run a successful soccer betting pool, especially a season-long pool.

Here are some of the benefits of using software to run soccer office pools:

  • Automation: Save time by using time-saving automated pool features.
  • Trust Factor: Run a professional soccer betting pool that builds trust among players.
  • Pick Sheets: No more struggling to collect pick sheets every week from players.
  • Custom Rules: Change many settings/filters to run the exact soccer office pool you want.

One of our fastest growing sports is soccer. We have lots of pool managers moving to us to set-up their next soccer pool because of our innovative software that’s packed with features.

Get started today and set-up your next World Cup, Premier League or MLS office pool in minutes.