You have a chance to go up against hundreds of people and compete for the Winner-Take-All $1000 prize in our March Madness Bracket Pool.

By clicking the button below you’ll get access to a free entry, but you can also get another by creating your own bracket.

If you create a pool for this event and have at least one player you’ll get an additional entry for our MM Bracket. Learn more about creating your own bracket here.

The Rules:

This pool format gives you an opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting competitions in all sports. Pick the team that will win the tournament. There’s a point breakdown for every round.

For this year’s March Madness we’ll start at the Sweet 16 stage. You’ll get your entries from the moment you fulfill the requirements; however, you’ll need to wait until March 25th to use your entries. Your last chance to use it is on March 28th at noon EST.

The point configuration is setup like this:

Sweet 16: 9 pts
Elite 8: 12 pts
Final 4: 15 pts
Championship: 18 pts

In the case of a tie, the earliest submissions will be considered as the winner.

The contest is open right now and you can submit your entries after the second round up until noon before the first match of the Sweet Sixteen on March 28th..

Any questions? Contact Us Here or find us on our social media. 

Get ready to dominate the Champs March Madness Pool!

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