Run Your Football Office Pools With Our Software


Learn how to run a football office pool using our software, along with the formats we offer.

NFL betting pools are gaining in popularity. NFL survivor pools are more popular than ever, but that’s just one format you can set-up using our premium office pools software.

Pool managers can also set-up various college football pools as well. Who hasn’t played in a CFB bowl pool before? College football bowl pools are a great way to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Managing an NFL Office Pool with Software

Running an NFL sports betting pool couldn’t be any easier with our software. While we strive to make it as easy as possible to run your pool, we also allow you to customize all of the settings.

You can run your football office pool exactly how you imagine it, plus our software automates a lot of the work. You can enjoy managing your football pool rather than dreading the weekly upkeep.

Here’s the list of NFL pool formats currently available using our office pools software:

Simple to set-up, easy to manage and fun for everyone, football survivor pools are awesome.

The goal for a traditional NFL survivor pool is to outlast the rest of the competition by picking winners, but you can also run a “losers” NFL survivor pool where the goal is to pick losers.


You can start your NFL survivor pool any week as well, it doesn’t have to start on week 1.

Other features of our NFL survivor pools include the ability to choose how many entries a player can have, whether your pool will include the playoffs and whether your pool will have mulligans.

You can host several NFL squares pools using our software. The grid can be customized. Typically, an NFL squares pool will use a 10×10 grid (100 squares). This works great because you need to have 0-9 (10 numbers) down the side/top of your grid in order for the pool to work.

However, using our software, you can build customized grids. For instance, you can use a grid that uses a new set of numbers for each quarter/half. If you’re lacking entries, there’s a 5×5 grid where each square will have two numbers for each team. This way you only need to sell 25 squares.

NFL playoff bracket pools run similarly to March Madness brackets.

The participants will fill-in their entire bracket before the first playoff game. The goal is to predict the winner in every playoff game. The player with the most points at the end wins the prize pool.

Now, when you’re running an NFL bracket pool, you should weigh the later playoff rounds more heavily than the opening rounds. We allow pool managers to configure custom scoring.

Since there could be a tie, you need a tiebreaker. Typically, pool managers will use the total number of points scored in the Super Bowl as the tiebreaker, but you can create your own rules.

NFL pickem pools are relatively simple to run, but trying to grade the results for every player each week can become tiresome. Our software helps you automate the grading process as well as the standings. You can manage an NFL pickem pool with very little time commitment.

Create an NFL pickem pool with straight-up (money line) picks or point spread (ATS) picks.

Our software is flexible and you’ll have plenty of options when creating your NFL pickem pool. The first thing you need to do is decide upon the format. Will pool participants pick every game each week or only their top X best bets? Your choice may depend upon the payouts.

Are you running an NFL pickem pool with a payout at the end of the season only? If that’s the case, then you may want to limit weekly picks to five best bets like the SuperContest.

If your NFL pickem pool is going to reward weekly payouts then picking all games is more suitable to avoid a lot of tiebreakers. To avoid tiebreakers, implement a Monday Night Football (MNF) total points tiebreaker (players predict the total points in the game and the closest wins).

Managing a College Football Office Pool with Software

You can also manage college football pools using our software.

College football squares are popular for the big games, especially the CFP games, but the most popular office pool format for college football is a bowl pickem pool.

Bowl season happens every year during December and January.

Manage your next college football bowl pickem pool with us. We allow you to create custom rules, but our software will also simplify running a college football office pool.

With bowl pickem pools, participants pick the winner of every bowl game. You can either reward a single point for each correct prediction or you can run a confidence pool.

A confidence pool requires the participants to rank each pick. When a selection wins, the player is awarded points equal to the number they assigned the team. For example, if a player has a team ranked at #20 and that team wins, the player will receive 20 points.

While college football bowl pickem pools are easily the most popular format, you can also use our software to run pickem pools during the college football season. This format is ideal for college football fans. If you have a group of friends that like to bet, this is a great pool format to host.

Create a Football Office Pool Using Our Software This Season

Now that you know exactly what our football office pools software is capable of, the next step is to create your next pool with us. Your pool participants will be thankful you did.

Running a college football or NFL office pool doesn’t need to be hard work.

Whether you want to  run a pool at the office or with a group of your friends, our platform offers a fully customizable experience that our competitors can’t match.