Sports Gaming Experts World Cup Bracket

You are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, one of the top sports betting experts in the industry: now’s your chance to prove it. Go up against other industry experts and prove your mettle by tackling our first Expert Bracket Pool.

Compete head to head with dozens of other experts to get bragging rights and, of course, Cash Prizes:

First place: $500
Second place: $200
Third place: $50
Dead Last: $50

What’s in it for you? Apart from taking the crown and proving your World Cup knowledge, Champs wants the world to know how easy and seamless our sports pool platform is. We’re so confident that you’ll love it, all we ask is that you spread the word!

There are a few simple steps to gain your free entry in our World Cup Pool:

1. Make a post when you join the Betting Experts World Cup Bracket (Post before November 10th)
2. Make a post with the pick you are most excited for within the Group Phase with a link to (Post before November 10th)
3. Make a post encouraging your followers to set up their own pool (Post Before November 20th)
4. Tag Champs PPH in your photo/post (On all posts)

Before sending the money to the winners we’ll be checking that those posts are still up so make sure you don’t delete them.

The Rules:

Usually setup for March Madness after the Round of 32, this pool format gives the player an opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting competitions in all sports. Pick the team that will reach the Final Four and win it all. There’s a point breakdown after every round, depending on how well your picks perform. Entries are given to the players for a specific price.

For the World Cup we’ll start from the groups phase and you’ll be able to make picks at the start of the group phase and then again on the Round of 16. The point configuration is setup like this:

Group Phase: 3 pts
Round of 16 winners: 9 pts
Quarter Finals winners: 12 pts
Semifinals winners: 15 pts
Championship winners: 18 pts

In the case of a tie, the earliest submissions will be considered as the winners. Prize considerations will vary depending on the agent.

At the end of each phase we will publish the top 5 pool leaders with a tag to their social media.

The contest is open right now and you can submit your entries until November 19th at midnight.

Any questions? Contact Us Here or Ping us on our social media. 

Get ready to dominate the Champs World Cup Pool!

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