Basketball Office Pools


Basketball office pools are played by millions of people annually.

Who hasn’t filled out a March Madness bracket before? When March rolls around, Americans across the country are telling anyone who will listen who they have picked to make the Final Four.

Filling out a March Madness bracket is a part of sports culture.

Manage Basketball Betting Pools Using Our Software

Getting entries into your basketball office pool will be a breeze, but managing a pool can quickly become a big time sink, which is why most office pool hosts use software nowadays.

Here are some of the benefits of running your next NCAAB or NBA office pool with us:

  • Rapid Set-Up: Setting up a pool is quick and painless using our software.
  • Multiple Formats: We offer bracket, survivor, squares and pickem basketball pools.
  • Pick Sheets: Your pool members fill out pick sheets online, preventing potential mistakes.
  • Customization: Configure your basketball betting pool with the rules/scoring you desire.
  • Automation: Simplify grading picks and updating standings with our software.

Basketball office pools are fun, but managing them is a hassle without technology. Spend more time trash-talking with pool participants instead of managing your pool.


Basketball Bracket Pools (NCAA/NBA)

Bracket pools are available for both the NBA and NCAA basketball.

It’s estimated that nearly 150,000,000 brackets were filled out last year. That’s insane! March Madness bracket pools are more popular than any other office pool format and it isn’t even close.

Host a men’s or women’s March Madness bracket pool using our software.

Here’s how our March Madness pools function:

  • Bracket Predictions: Players fill out their entire bracket prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Scoring: One point is awarded for each correct prediction on a bracket.
  • Winner: The player with the most points after the National Championship wins the cash.

There are multiple options when configuring your March Madness bracket pool scoring.

Some pool hosts reward an extra point as a seed bonus when a higher seed eliminates a lower seed. In some pools, the rounds are weighted, rewarding more points as the tournament progresses.

We also offer the ability to set-up Sweet Sixteen bracket pools using our software.

So, what about NBA bracket pools? Well, we offer the ability to host NBA playoff bracket pools.

Participants fill out their bracket prior to the start of the NBA playoffs. The goal is to predict the winner of every series, along with how many games the series will last. One point is rewarded for correctly predicting the winner and one point for predicting the exact number of games.

Basketball Survivor Pools (NCAA/NBA)

College basketball and NBA survivor pools are simple, yet extremely fun.

Pool participants select only one team each “round”, so they know exactly what they’re cheering for.

Here are the two types of basketball survivor pools you can run using our software:

  • NBA Season: Players select one team each week. Typically, teams can only be selected twice during the season and once a player hits three strikes (wrong picks), they’re eliminated.
  • March Madness: Pool participants either make one pick per day (10) or one pick per round (6) in a March Madness survivor pool. A team can only be selected once.

Like every pool, be sure to have tiebreakers in place. Ties are common in March Madness survivor pools. A common tiebreaker is to have every participant predict the National Champion.

Basketball Squares Pools (NCAA/NBA)

Our software allows you to run a basketball squares pool for any game you want.

Popular times to run squares pools are during March Madness and the NBA playoffs, especially if you have a local team in the mix, as drumming up interest will be extremely easy.

Here’s how basketball squares pool function:

  • Grid: The grid is 10×10 (100 squares).
  • Axis: Use the winning team’s score and losing team’s score on either axis (X/Y).

Here’s an example using the winning team’s score on the X axis (vertical). If Duke defeats UNC 99-88, you go across the X axis until you hit the number 9. Then look for the 8 down the Y axis. The square where those two numbers connect is the square that wins the cash.

Another fun option that provides more entertainment is to run a squares pool for the entirety of the March Madness tournament or NBA playoffs. You use a single grid still and the numbers (0-9) are randomized prior to the start of every game. One point is rewarded for each winning square.

The player with the most points at the conclusion of the tournament or playoffs wins the cash.

Basketball Pickem Pools

NCAA basketball and NBA pickem pools are geared towards fans/gamblers that watch games. If you have a group of friends that love the NBA/CBB, pickem pools provide entertainment all season.

Here’s how our season-long basketball pickem pools function:

  • Weekly Picks: Participants make the required number of picks each week.
  • Scoring: Each pick is rewarded one point (can be customized).
  • Winner: Player with the most points at the conclusion of the regular season.

Pickem pools can be run for the NBA or college basketball regular seasons.

This basketball office pool format can also be customized quite a bit. First off, you need to decide how many picks players need to make each week. If your group can’t commit daily to making picks, you can run your pool on Saturdays only. That way picks only need to be made once per week.

Typically, pickem pools require players to make straight-up picks only. However, to mix things up, you could run an NBA pickem pool where players make picks ATS or over/under picks.

We also offer March Madness pickem pools that run a bit differently.

Here’s how they work:

  • Picks: Select how many teams each participant will choose before the tournament.
  • Scoring: When a team wins, that team receives points based on their seeding.

Let’s say you decide players will need to pick 10 teams. If a player selects #10 Marquette as one of their teams, that player would receive 10 points every time Marquette wins in the tournament.

If a team has #1 Duke, they only receive one point each time Duke wins.

With the way the scoring works, pool participants are rewarded for selecting higher seeds to win. A single win from a #10 seed is equal to #1 seeds winning 10 games.

Start a CBB/NBA Office Pool Today

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