Are Office Pools Worth It?

Office pools are always a fun diversion for any workplace. They bring people together in ways that you might not realize. They can certainly create a rivalry but at the same time, they should never create hostility. They are meant to be fun, and they will be fun if your organization plans them correctly and finds a way in which to implement them with the least bit of hassle and certainly the least bit of cost. Who has a budget for office pools? Ha, most do not. This is where we tell you the good news. There is now “office pool software” that does the work for you and it’s highly affordable.

  • It matters not if you work in an “office” or if you work in a garage, warehouse, or out on a road crew. You might work in a hotel, a restaurant, a health care facility, or in an airport, maybe a golf course, a construction site, or in a potato chip factory. We say “office pool” simply because that is the most known name for a group of workers to get together and compete in a pool that features a sporting or political event.

What Kinds of Events are Included?

  • Think about the endless opportunity there is with sports, to run an office pool. There is baseball, football, basketball, NCAA Basketball, March Madness, and all that goes along with it.
  • March Madness is a big deal and depending on what part of the country you may be from, it’s a very big deal. People love to play NCAA basketball pools and they will even play in regional pools that involve local teams in leagues beyond the NCAA.
  • There is much more than basketball, you can also offer hockey and soccer. Pretty much any sport you choose, you can run a pool. There is even the possibility of running political pools. You will need to know your group well!

Why Office Pool Software?

  • You are busy. As a manager or a team lead, you probably don’t have the time necessary to devote to an office pool.
  • Putting together an office pool in the way that you are accustomed to is a cumbersome task. There is a lot of time involved in conducting an office pool and it’s a 99% guarantee that management doesn’t approve of taking up work hours to manage an office pool.
  • You no longer must do this. Now, there is office pool software that will do the job for you. This software works just like a pay per head. Maybe you are familiar with a pay per head and maybe you are not.
  • Office pools software works in the same manner as the pay per head. This software does the work for you.
  • No longer will you have to worry about keeping track of the games, the people in the pool, the scores, the pool leaderboards… You will no longer have to do any of this. All you must do is let the software do its job and it will organize the pool for you.
  • The software will keep track of who’s winning what sports within the pool, who in your office is leading the pool, and all you need to do is let the software do the work and inform the individual player in your office.

Do not pay big bucks for office pool software. This is a venture for having fun but at the same time, you are on a budget. The best office pool software is budget-friendly and in fact, it will save your workplace a lot of money in man-hours. Get your office on the right track in 2022 with office pools and the best office pool software.